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SUPERHAWKS is a four-book series published by St. Martin's Press.

The books follow the adventures of a top-secret American special forces
team whose mission is to hunt down and kill any one they can find who had a hand in planning the attacks of September 11th. Terrorists, money men, Saudi princes -- no one is safe. The group is put together by a shadowy military genius, each member having lost a loved one to terrorism.

But in accomplishing their goal, members of the SUPERHAWKS find their worst fear might be coming true: that by so relentlessly pursuing Al Qaeda, they are turning into terrorists themselves.

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Super Hawks Strike!
"The jumpjet had been 'ghosted' -- its fuselage coated with radar absorbing paint, its sharpest angles smoothed over or recessed,
its engine exhausts cooled by movable heat deflectors. In other words, the Harrier was now a Stealth jet."

What You'll Find Here
Like the stories, this web page will be constantly evolving. You will find here excerpts from the first two books of the series, with information on the third installment. You will also find helpful links, background on the author Mack Maloney and a way to contact us. In the near future, we will have a free SUPERHAWKS bumpersticker offer, autographed cover giveaways and other interesting things to download.

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What They're Saying About Superhawks
"SUPERHAWKS: Strike Force Alpha explodes off the page with a story torn from today's headlines. Mack Maloney has created a team of realistic characters that pulse with patriotic fervor. With intense military action, twists and turns that keep you turning the pages well into the night and a collection of the most evil bad guys you will ever come across, Mack Maloney hasn't just crafted a great war story, he has set a new standard for action-packed thrillers."
--Robert Doherty, bestselling author of the AREA 51 series




Super Hawks Landing
"The team did not fly ordinary Blackhawks. They were more streamlined than a typical UH-60 and more heavily armed too. Some people called them, "Super Hawks."